There's Only One Reason You Haven't Used GlareScreen . . .
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You Haven't Read This!

Glare Screen SM is the most effective product for reducing on-coming highway glare. With cost-efficient GlareScreen, you will save both time and money on installation and maintenance.

GlareScreen is knitted with a special yarn that is unaffected by sunlight and will withstand most products used in highway construction.
Because it is reinforced with three 1" bands, GlareScreen is strong enough to withstand highway traffic and gusting winds. Mounting is quick and easy, a necessity for installation, repair and maintenance.

GlareGard Logo Highway Application of GlareScreen

With all the benefits of GlareScreen, it only makes sense to use it!

For handling ease, GlareScreen SM   is available in 17 lb rolls that measure 26" x 125 '.

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