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Protecting the underside of bleachers
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ControlGard SM   barrier fencing provides distinct, well-marked boundaries for a variety of applications. It is ideal for crowd control, sporting events, civic events, golf tournaments, ski resorts and concerts.

Because ControlGard is made of a high-density, UV-stabilized, polyethelene yarn, it will not unravel or mildew. It is durable and resilient at the most extreme temperatures.

ControlGard is lightweight, making it easy to store and handle. Installation is straight-forward and easy!

ControlGard SM  is available in these vibrant colors:

  • Blue
  • Light Green
  • Red
  • Orange

ControlGard SM  comes in rolls of 4'x150'

Made in the USA by
Roxford Fordell

Toll Free (800) 426-4690

Sales Mark of Roxford Fordell, Greenville, SC.